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Relaxation Spa

Welcome to the small, wonderful world of The Inn And Spa At Beacon. We are pleased to have attracted some of the most gifted massage therapists, facialists, and yoga practitioners in the Hudson Valley, trained and deeply practiced in both the ancient and the most modern techniques and disciplines of the healing and restorative arts. Each of our skilled practitioners brings a deep personal commitment to enabling your release, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Facial Treatments

Women's Facial

Perfect For: Relaxation, Skin Protection, & a Total Skin Reboot

Following a complimentary skin analysis, our expert therapists will customize your facial for your unique skin care needs. Whether your skin needs extra hydration or nourishment, a deep cleaning, soothing, or gentle resurfacing, our facials are tailored to treat the specific needs of your skin.

55 Minutes - $120
85 Minutes - $180

Men's Facial

Perfect for: Relaxation, Skin Protection, & a Total Skin Reboot

Following a complimentary skin analysis, our expert therapists will customize your facial for your unique skin care needs. This balancing facial effectively renews skin tone and texture while helping to sooth and restore devitalized, sun-damaged, or razor-burned skin.

55 Minutes - $120
85 Minutes - $180

Massage Therapy

Couples Massage
Available at price of any two combined appointments.

Swedish Massage

Designed For: A head-to-toe treatment that provides a relaxing full-body release.

The focus is on working both the physical as well as the more subtle energetic layers of the body, providing a meditative experience while improving circulation. The objective is to relax the entire body.

55 Minutes - $120
85 Minutes - $180
115 Minutes - $240

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect For: Muscular Tension and Muscle Knots

Our deep tissue massage is an excellent full-body treatment focusing on major muscle groups as well as stimulating sources of energy deep within the body. We focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Our expert therapists work deeply on target areas to relieve muscular tension and restore vitality.

55 Minutes - $130
85 Minutes - $190
115 Minutes - $260

Warm Stone Massage

Perfect For: Mind Restoration and Body Reset

Our warm stone treatment harnesses the beneficial properties of thermotherapy and unites it with the powerful effects of aromatherapy essential oils, enabling a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. Energy-grounding techniques and an acupressure head massage prepare the mind and body for hot volcanic stones that are skillfully applied with long, deep massage movements to ease areas of tension.

55 Minutes - $140
85 Minutes - $210
115 Minutes - $280  

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Take relaxation to the next level. Himalayan salt stones generate negative ions reducing stress and creating a deeper sense of relaxation and peace. The warmth of the stones allow the minerals to deeply penetrate your muscles and joints, plumping the outer layer of the skin and leaving you with a warm glow inside and out.

55 Minutes - $150
85 Minutes - $225
115 Minutes - $300   

Rejuvenating Pre Natal Massage

Perfect For: Relieving Joints, Back Pain and Tense Muscles for New and Expecting Mothers

For mothers past their first trimester, this massage is tailored to the specific needs of a pregnant woman. Sideline positioning with soft cushions are used to alleviate the extra strain on the lower back. Serotonin, endorphins and dopamine released by your body in response to your massage provides a boost of natural chemicals helping with a good nights sleep.

55 Minutes - $130
85 Minutes - $190
115 Minutes - $260

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Massage Enhancements

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Leave-In Scalp Treatment

Perfect For: Relieving Stress or Chronic Headaches

This energizing scalp treatment is designed to promote relaxation, ease muscle aches and soothe stress. Aromatic Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil is warmed and applied vigorously to the scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Hot Stone Target Therapy

Perfect For: Helping Overworked Muscles to Relax

Targeted stone therapy for specific issues, great for helping tired, sore, over-worked muscles relax during your massage.

Foot Reflexology

Extended foot massage, stimulating pressure points on the feet.
$20 Add Enhancement to Any Massage

Facial Enhancements

Eye Contour Treatment

Perfect for: Dark Circles or Under-Eye Bags

This intensive enhancement is designed to reduce puffiness, under-eye discoloration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating Lip Treatment

Perfect for: Chapped or Dry Lips

This deeply moisturizing treatment is designed to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin and leave lips smooth and supple.
$20 Add Enhancement to Any Facial


Cirepil Hard Wax Treatment

Perfect for: Removing Unwanted Hair

Our experienced therapists use low temperature Cirepil hard wax, one of the finest available, to provide a comfortable and hygienic waxing experience to even the most sensitive individuals.

Brow - $25
Lip - $15
Cheek - $20
Brow | Lip | Chin - $50

Spa Yoga

Private Yoga Classes

Perfect For: Maximizing your mental relaxation, All Levels

Whether as a complement to your Spa treatments or as a discrete experience, a session of Private Yoga in our solarium or roof garden will enable you to subtly adjust and rebalance your joints, muscles, and energy flows. Your teacher will customize a class to focus on your specific needs and intentions.

Private 60 minute Lesson $120

$30 Per Additional Guest

Couples Yoga Classes

Perfect For: Finding Your Connection Again

In the search for harmony in our lives and relationships, we often overlook the power we hold within ourselves to create the ideal emotional environment. In Couples Yoga you will experience life changing benefits; revitalize and deepen your connection with your partner, balance yin and yang energies as individuals, and build emotional support with a touch of warmth. Sama and Jonah draw from the ancient art of Yoga to bring both alignment and healing to your chakras, as well as your relationship.

Private 60 Minutes - $150 (For Two)

$30 Per Additional Guest

SPA DAY PASS for Non-Hotel Guests - $40
Enjoy all the common areas of the hotel for the full day of your spa treatment. Wine available for sale at the front desk.

SPA IN HOUSE GUESTS - A 20% gratuity will be included in your treatment.